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  • Security Consultancy.

  • Security Audits, Reports & Cost Estimates (buildings, sites & systems). 

  • System Design (town centre CCTV, premises & site CCTV, intruder alarms, access control, perimeter security, safes, cash handling systems etc.)

  • Crime Prevention Advice

  • Expert Advice on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (working from drawing stage with Architects/Engineers to design in the security related aspects of a project & design out crime risks)

  • Security Risk Assessments.

  • Tender Management (write tender brief, undertake site visits & prepare tender evaluation reports.)

  • Project Management of System Installation & Commissioning Works.

  • System Testing & Sign Off.

  • Service & Maintenance Contract Management & Review.

  • Data Protection Advice.

  • Data Protection Code of Practice Development.

  • Retail/Hotel/Financial Institution Security – Advice & Staff Training

J&N professional security consultancy and crime prevention advice
Security system design using CCTV for town centres, business premises and sites
Security Consultancy


Professional security advice is an absolute essential requirement in order to manage the security of people and property.  J&N Security Consultants can provide a complete range of services which will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. As Security Consultants we bring a wealth of experience on security related matters and will work with you to ensure that you receive the best advice on the latest security technologies and system options.

System Design


As professional Security Consultants we make sure we have a full understanding of your unique operational requirements before we move on to set out a design for your security system or systems. In many cases systems designed by a security company are either under specified as they are working on the basis of lowest price or are over specified as they work on an element of fear.  We will provide you with a detailed system design and costings to meet your requirements and your budget.

​Service & Maintenance Contract Management & Review

Like everything mechanical, security systems require a level of servicing and maintenance to ensure that they are performing to their optimum at all times.  If you have an existing service agreement in place, we can review this to ensure that you are receiving value for money.  If you require a service agreement to be put in place, we can prepare such documentation and either work with your existing security provider or put the service contract out to tender on your behalf.

​Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)


Crime Prevention through Environmental Design entails working with Architects at the design stage of a project with the aim of incorporating certain design features and crime prevention principles at the earliest planning stage and thereby eliminating or reducing the opportunity for crime.
The CPTED approach can also be applied to existing buildings and renovation projects and has benefits not only in terms of its crime  preventon value but can also provide a cost efficient method of system installation.
At J&N Security Consultants we specialise in the CPTED approach to security and will provide you with expert advise on how to plan and implement your security requirements from the design stage to completion of the project.

​Security Audits & Reports

It is important that a business premises,residence or town centre is properly surveyed to ensure that the correct systems are installed to meet the risks. J&N Security Consultants can evaluate existing security systems to see if they meet the requirements of the Private Security Authority and also comply with current Irish and European Standards. A comprehensive report which reflects industry best practice will be presented to you following the audit.

Tender Management


J&N Security Consultants will work with you to prepare and circulate tender documentation. We will undertake site visits, deal with contractor queries and prepare a tender evaluation report for you.

When tenders for security services have been received from security companies it is important that they are professionally assessed to ensure that they meet the system specification as circulated and the customers unique requirements.

​Data Protection - Code of Practice/Policy Development


Images captured by CCTV systems are deemed to be personal data under the terms of Irish Data Protection Legislation and GDPR.  All premises or locations to which the public have access and where CCTV is in use, require to have a policy in place regarding the use, management and control of the CCTV system. Under GDPR, a Data Privacy Impact Assessment has to be completed prior to a CCTV system being installed.  Data Protection Impact Assessments are used to identify and mitigate against any data protection related risks arising from a new project, which may affect your organisation or the individuals it engages with.


J&N Security Consultants can undertake a Data Privacy Impact Assessment and prepare a Data Protection policy document for your business, Organisation to ensure that you are Data Protection/GDPR compliant.

Security audits, reports and cost estimates from J&N Security Consultants
Security risk assessments, tender and project management
Expert witness service and data protection advice
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