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Case Study E


The main stakeholders in this project were Roscommon County Council, An Garda Siochana, Roscommon and Roscommon Town Team.

Following initial consultations with all the stakeholders and extensive site visits,  a number of areas throughout the town centre and along the outer orbital route were identified for CCTV coverage.  

Working with the stakeholders and taking into account the available budget, it was agreed that the project would be undertaken in 2 stages with stage 1 covering the immediate town centre area and stage 2 covering the outer orbital route.   J&N Security Consultants subsequently created a system design which met the operation requirements of all stakeholders.

The project objectives were to provide a CCTV system that supports the well-being of the town and also provide a system that assists in the day to day management of the town as well as providing a deterrent to criminal activity.

The overall stage 1 solution in Roscommon town centre was commissioned in November 2018 and saw a total of 22 cameras installed throughout the town centre connected via a wireless transmission system to Roscommon County Council offices with a wireless back link to Roscommon Garda Station.

Roscommon county council.jfif
Roscommon Square PTZ & Bullet
Roscommon Town Centre CCTV Launch.jpg
Castle Street PTZ and Bullet cameras.jpg
Dome CCTV camera.jpg
Security Monitoring Screens

Client:   Roscommon County Council
Project: Town Centre CCTV system for Carrick on Shannon
Requirements: To design and deliver a CCTV system for Roscommon Town Centre.

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