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Case Study C


Following initial consultations with Department Engineers and Harbour Management, the requirement was to create a design for CCTV and access control systems which met the operational requirements of the Fishery Harbour Centre (FHC).

The solution saw cameras installed in 316L stainless steel camera housings throughout the FHC connected via a wireless transmission system to the Harbour Masters office. The system design also allowed for a number of stainless steel Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras strategically positioned throughout
the FHC including one installed on a Lighthouse approx 3klms from the Harbour.  These cameras were also connected via a wireless link to the Harbour Masters office.


The existing barrier system at the FHC  did not meet the operational requirements of the Harbour Master.  A new system was designed to include 5 individual stainless steel barriers with full control from the HM’s office as well as from the HM’s Secretary’s office.   All new barrier equipment installed was marine proof as well as having a sensor system which allowed for full detection of vehicles and pedestrians within range of the barrier booms.

Following tender competitions, the CCTV and barrier systems were installed in late 2016 in line with the system design  and have operated effectively since then.

kerry county council.jfif
Dingle Harbour CCTV system.png
Dingle Stainless Steel PTZ Camera.jpg
Dingle Harbour Stainless Steel CCTV Came
Security Camera Graphic.jpg
CCTV on tablet screen.jpg

Client: Department Of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
Dingle Fishery Harbour Centre, Dingle, County Kerry

Project: Design and delivery of marine grade CCTV & access barrier systems at Dingle Fishery Harbour Centre, Dingle, Co. Kerry
Requirements: To design and deliver CCTV & Access barrier system

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